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The Brown Singers of Memphis TN - Work On Me
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Work On Me by The Brown Singers of Memphis TN



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The Brown Singers of Memphis TN - Work On Me


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Anybody here every known you've done wrong
Sat on your bed and cried all night long
tossed and turned from lifes ups and down
you look to your friends but they couldn't be found you told Jesus

(Work on me)
(Work on me)

Anybody here ever got down on your knees
cried to the Lord have a little mercy on me
I'm your child and I'm in your care
and I know you'll never put more on me then I can bear please Jesus

(work on me)
(work on me)

Listen here, if you're a sinner and you're living in shame
lost and defiled with no merrit to claim
God forgives you inspite of your sins
and He will save you and clean you within but first you got to tell Him

(work on me)
(work on me)

This is what I tell Him, early in the morning (work on me Jesus)
late in the midnight hour (work on me Lord)
I say ooooohhh Jesus (work on me)
woooaaa Jeuss (work on me)
Early in the morning (work on me Jesus)
late in the midnight hour (work on me Lord)
Heeey Jesus (work on me)
OOoohhooh Jesus (work on me)

Why don't you stay right there

(Work on me) "keeping repeating behind lead"

see the bible says
in Psalms 51:10 to create in me
create in me a clean heart
and renew the right spirit in me
Purge me, and I shall, I shall be clean

OOOOOoooohhoohh work on me Jesus (work on me Jesus)
work on me jesus (work on me Jesus)
work on my hands
so that I can do your will
work on my feet Jesus
so I wanna climb that ole' rugged hill
work on me Jesus
work on me Jesus
Hey, hey, Jesus
Hey, hey, Lord

Early in the morning (work on me Jesus)
late in the midnight hours (work on me Lord)
Hey Lord, oooooh Jesus (work on me)
Wooaaoooa, Jesus (Work on me)
come on Jesus (work on me)
Woooaahoooaa Jesus (work on me)
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